Cigar FAQ Long Beach

What is a good cigar?

Only you know what is a good cigar and one you can enjoy.  Take a sample puff of many brands and flavors and see which one is your favorite.

How does the size and shape of a cigar affect its quality?

The quality of a cigar is affected by its size and shape.  Differences in sizes can affect smoking qualities between two cigars, even if they use the same tobacco.

How far down should I smoke my cigar?

There is no recommendation for how far down you should smoke your cigar. You can do what feels the most comfortable to you.

What happens if I remove the band on my cigar?

Removing the band can tear the wrapper, we recommend leaving the band on.

Should I relight my cigar if it goes out?

Cigars should be heated before you light them, this is because they contain natural oils.  You can re-light the cigar so long as the oils remain fluid and soft. 

At what temperature and humidity is recommended to store my cigars?

You want to keep your cigars around 70% humidity and 70 degrees.  Generally, cigars feel minimal effects from temperature unless they are stored in a single location for an extensive length of time.  Humidity however, is important, recommended rates are between 68% to 72%.

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